Concussion Legacy Foundation CEO and co-founder Chris Nowinski said this kind of thinking is a flaw.

In the Sunday night game, Derek Carr threw for 300 yards and a touchdown, Marshawn Lynch ran for two scores and weathered a late push from the Miami Dolphins to claim a 27-24 win. Miami Cheap Authentic Jerseys From China recovered an early surprise onside kick and intercepted Carr once, but couldn’t convert either opportunity into points.

Passing a sideline concussion test does not mean a player didn’t suffer a concussion. Players can experience a concussion but not show symptoms until the next morning, and they would still be at risk of suffering the grave consequences of a second concussion. Nowinski said teams and doctors need to be more aggressive in holding out players.

“If they show signs of concussion like holding their head after impact and you cannot find another reason why they would hold their head, you have to assume concussion and you cannot clear them,” Nowinski said. “I’ve talked to a lot of doctors. No one can come up with any reason why his hands would go to his head and drop to his side and not move, other than a concussion.”

Dr. Allen Sills, the NFL’s chief medical officer, said both Colts medical staff and independent docots continued to monitor throughout the game, in adherence with the NFL’s unstated policy. Brissett only experienced symptoms after he had showered and was ready to leave the stadium, Sills said.

“It sounds like if you pass the protocol, you’re forced to put him back in,” Nowinski said. “We need to know what kind of guidance [independent doctors] are given. Are any NFL players kept Cheap Barcelona Jerseys out just in case? Or are we just accepting [several players] are going to show symptoms after the fact, and thank god they survived?”

Sills disagreed with the notion a replay could provide clear evidence of a concussion. “There is no medical professional or scientific body in the world that would say that video is alone is sufficient to cause a concussion,” Sills said.

In some cases, the protocol protects such players. On Sunday, the Redskins announced wide receiver Ryan Grant had cleared tests after his head bounced off the turf. And yet trainers escorted him to the locker room, and he stayed out of the game and remained in the recovery protocol this week.

Checking in with the rookie QB class before the 2017 NFL season starts

Those numbers don’t tell as neat a story as it seems. In all, Edelman has missed 27 games between the regular season and playoffs. Eighteen of those games in ESPN’s statistic came before Edelman was a starter — the team went 13-5. Since 2012, the team has gone 4-5 without him, though two of those defeats were Week 17 losses where Bill Belichick played a limited array of starters.

A look at the Patriots depth chart those seasons Edelman missed games as a starter shows a steep dropoff between the productive wideout and the rest of his receiving cohort. In 2014, he missed two games. His role was filled by Danny Amendola and Brian Tyms, two receivers with a combined 282 receiving yards between them that fall. One year later, he’d miss seven games; New England turned to Amendola, Aaron Dobson (698 career receiving yards), Michael Williams (a WR/TE with three career receptions), Keshawn Martin (released by the Patriots, 49ers, and Lions since), and Brandon LaFell.

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