Judge denies NFL’s request for special investigator in concussion settlement

A federal judge denied the NFL’s request for a special investigator to explore allegedly widespread fraud in connection with the $1 billion concussion settlement, the Associated Press reported Wednesday.

In her federal court ruling, Judge Anita Brody wrote that the league’s attorneys did not demonstrate sufficient evidence of probable fraud to warrant serious concern. She said the audit process is working effectively and the sides have demonstrated that they are capable of ferreting out any claims involving misrepresentations, omissions, or concealment of material fact, and ensuring that those claims are not paid.

The NFL issued a statement after Brody’s ruling, via ESPN, saying, We want to ensure that players and their families receive the benefits they deserve. The Court overseeing the NFL Concussion Settlement today issued an order confirming that the NFL provided ‘sufficient evidence of possible fraud to warrant serious concern’ and commended the League for ‘its commitment to faithfully implement the Settlement Agreement by bringing this issue to light.’

He told the Denver Post in 2013 that he has trouble with the pedal to the metal and was working to fix that.

Landed on a single-game highlight against Duke, which usually isn’t a fair way to judge these guys. Not that any YouTube scouting is fair. But this game put Jackson in a very positive light. It has everything … three-pointers, dunks, effort plays … a crazy rejection of a Marvin Bagley put-back attempt. I’m sure a season-long highlight would have a lot more of that, but I don’t need it. I’m sold on Jackson as a possible NBA star.

The Villanova junior has perhaps the most well-rounded YouTube clip in the first round. The producers mixed in dunks, three-pointers, blocked shots and passes. Makes sense … he was kind of a steady presence for NCAA champion Villanova. Bridges probably could have used some high-energy music to emphasize his explosive plays.

Bamba runs the floor well, finishes well and has ridiculous length. But we knew that already. His YouTube clip doesn’t get me any more excited about the Texas big man. I did notice toward the end of the video that Bamba started jacking up more threes. If I was going to produce a Bamba video—which I might just do some day—I’d show only perimeter stuff. The alley-oops and follow-up dunks are too predictable.

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