This is technically cheating because these two didn’t move anywhere

The decision to switched to a timed format for each round — previously, each hitter got 10 outs (non-home runs) — for the 2015 Derby was brilliant. I’ll put it this way: As bad as Bud Selig’s decision was to tie the outcome of the All-Star Game to home-field advantage in the World Series, this is equally as good of a decision.

The fans I talked with agreed.

“This is so much better than it used to be,” Tony Frederico told me. “The timed rounds, so you have a clock and it keeps moving, makes it more exciting.”

Frederico lives in San Diego now, but he was here visiting his dad, Tom, who lives in Delray Beach, and was at the game with his nephew, Luke. He wound up with an Aaron Judge home run ball after it bounced around a bit, causing the beer vendor to lean over to try to grab it, spilling ice and water all over the floor. The ball scooted just a few feet past me, but I was trying to get video with my phone, so the primary goal was to make sure Aaron Judge didn’t Lebron Cheap Jerseys break my phone.

Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant re-signing with Warriors — This is technically cheating because these two didn’t move anywhere, but Golden State still had to act to bring them back. Curry signed a “supermax” deal, which will see him wearing yellow and blue for the foreseeable future, while Durant opted to sign a team-friendly two-year deal.

Some may have expected to see Paul George to Green Bay Packer Cheap Jerseys the Thunder here. While Oklahoma City did fleece the Pacers — even if George is just a rental — Russell Westbrook has not proven he can play nice with other stars. That pairing could lead to disaster. We already know how well Curry and Durant fared in the same backcourt.indians_015

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