Home Run Derby 2017: Watching Aaron Judge crush home runs is a pain in the neck, literally

I’m pretty sure I strained my neck, and I’m pretty sure it’s Aaron Judge’s fault.

See, I spent Monday night’s Home Run Derby in the La Galaxy Cheap Jerseys left-field stands at Marlins Park, and the blasts that Judge — and Miguel Sano, Gary Sanchez and Giancarlo Stanton, too — regularly sent screaming off the back wall meant I spent most of the evening tweaking my neck as I quickly turned around to follow the flight path of those baseball missiles.

I wasn’t alone, I’m sure, but let me tell you this: The fans in those left-field stands loved every minute of the Derby, sore necks be damned. It was something I’ll remember for a long time, too. At least as long as it takes until I don’t feel a twinge when I try to turn around.

Avery Bradley to Pistons — Boston had to trade away a few assets to make room for Hayward, but was Bradley really the guy to move? At 6-2, he’s an undersized shooting guard, but he makes shots and can also handle the ball.

Bradley is still young, 26, and a great defender. The Pistons were terrible at shooting and perimeter defense last season, so he immediately helps strengthen their two biggest needs.

While the Pistons likely won’t contend next season, they did come out ahead on this trade (Marcus Morris went to Boston), which bodes well for the future.

Before Blount, the Patriots had five leading rushers in Good Site For Cheap Jerseys the previous eight seasons: Jonas Gray, Stevan Ridley, BenJarvus Green-Ellis, Laurence Maroney and Sammy Morris. Gillislee is built to be their best power back since they upgraded with Corey Dillon in 2004, leading to a Super Bowl repeat.indians_009

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