we’re not here to trash the bad decision, but to celebrate the new All-Star Game reality.

Hill dominated as a rookie at 5.1 yards per carry, but with near-exact workloads (222, 223 and 233 carries), he’s maintained only his TDs since, as that number has plummeted to 3.7. Beyond being banged up, Hill hasn’t been able to find the same mojo as a strong downhill runner. He’s played through injuries to his chest, shoulder and knee, missing his first NFL game in Week 17 of 2017 with the knee injury.

Unfortunately, Bernard, after a great rebound season in 2015 with a new contract to match, suffered a much worse knee injury last season — a torn ACL that kept him out of the team’s final six games. He’s still on the mend, with only limited non-practice work at OTAs and an uncertain timetable to return.

Although most of the NFL could afford to take Mixon off its boards with more settled veteran backfields, Cincinnati’s pick was more of a necessity than luxury. The Bengals are such a dedicated rushing team that the inefficiency of the past two years — despite high volume — was a big reason for the team’s fade from the playoffs.

Anyway, we’re not here to trash the bad decision, but to celebrate Kids Cheap Jerseys the new All-Star Game reality. It’s a showcase for the talents of MLB’s best players, and hopefully it’s a continuation of Monday night’s thrilling Home Run Derby, which cemented Aaron Judge’s status as a legit superstar.

It’s not like the players are suddenly going to stop trying in the game.

“I think there’s still going to be an incredible atmosphere, and that’s going to drive the players to perform,” Rockies outfielder Charlie Blackmon said. “I don’t think the players are Find Cheap Jerseys Online going to approach the game any differently.

“I think the game is something to be enjoyed by players, whether it counts or not. I think it’s a celebration of a good first half of baseball by most of the players, so I don’t think the outcome of the game is going to affect the game itself.”indians_003

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